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Si quieres ver si tienes un crédito fuerte o simplemente quieres saber cuánto dinero puedes recibir. Solo toma 3 minutos para llenar la aplicación.

“En mi mente yo sabía que no podía obtener dinero, pero con esta compañía y con solo tomando 3 minutos rellenando la aplicación que es super facil pude obtener $36,000”

Josefina Gonzales — Fl, Tampa

Credit+ Approval Optimization

We partnered with the biggest lenders in the business and they trained us how to get you "Approved" instead of "Denied".
| Optimizing Personal Information

Optimizing your personal information makes your identity more transparent and less risky to lenders.

| Complete Profile Requests

With over 3 dozen reporting agencies used in approval decisions, you need the ability to see what they see before they see it.

| Challenge and Reduce Risk

Negative items on your report says to lenders, you're "high risk". To lower their risk, they will deny you, raise your rates or charge more.

| Increase Credit Strength

Lenders love strong positive credit with long payment history. Stronger credit, results in larger limits and more approvals.

| Direction planning

Getting an approval should never be your final destination. Maintaining and leveraging your credit takes the right plan.

| Gran Apoyo

Open communication allows us to experience the success with you. Each client provides us with a new experience to learn from.


Doc Security

A well organized file of all correspondence is key to being prepared for the highest level of optimization.

team oriented

Collaborative Objective

Collective effort will deliver the highest level of results. We join forces with you to achieve the desired goal.


Service Checklist

Being transparent about each stage of service is critical. Clarity is the only way to achieve the highest results.

Optimize | Maximize

Our programs are packed with value and carefully measured against insider lender approval guidlines.

The Full Power!
plus per deletion fees
45 Day Program
FREE Initial Consultation
2 Hour Service Consultation
Personal Information Optimization
3 Bureau Optimization
Specialty Bureau Reports
Unlimited Bureau Disputes
Up to 20 Creditor/CA Disputes
24/7 Email Support
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plus per deletion fees
45 Day Program
FREE Initial Consultation
2 Hour Service Consultation
Personal Information Optimization
3 Bureau Optimization
Specialty Bureau Optimization
Unlimited Bureau Disputes
Unlimited Creditor/CA Disputes
24/7 Email Support
Get it Now!
plus per deletion fees
45 Day Program
FREE Follow-Up Consultation
2 Hour Service Consultation
Personal Information Follow-Up
3 Bureau Follow-Up
Specialty Bureau Follow-Up
Bureau Disputes Follow-Up
Creditor/CA Disputes Follow-Up
24/7 Email Support
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El foco de cada negocio debe ser los buenos resultados y experiencia. Nuestros métodos son muy efectivos en cumpliendo las dos.

| Get your 3 Credit Scores & Identity theft Protection today | IdentityIQ

IdentityIQ trusts us as a partner and we trust them with your identity. Protecting you and giving you expert profile feedback is why they've grown to service millions.
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10X Your EIN | Taming The Beast
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Business Credit+

Blueprints are seldom guarded as trade secrets and hidden inside of Nda's. Get a credit plan from the best in the biz.
| Optimize Credit Potential

Get Approved for HIGH-Limit Revolving Credit Cards in Your Business Name with No Personal Credit Check and No Personal Guarantee.

| Complete Profile Requests

Get Your Business Credit Profile Quickly Setup and Activated with D&B, Experian, and Equifax Commercial Saving You Time and Money

| Extensive Credit Resources

Access the Largest Supply of Business Credit Sources to Get Vendor, Store, Fleet, and Cash Credit Linked to Your EIN and Not Your SSN

| Optimize Credibility

Corporate Compliance Review to Ensure Your Business Exceeds Credit Issuer and Lender Credibility Standards to Get Automated Approvals

| Expert Business Coaching

Receive Concierge Coaching and Servicing with Your Own Business Credit Advisors and Easily Navigate the Corporate Credit Building Process

| Great Support

Get Business Credit through Your Own Finance Suite and Enjoy the Experience in English or Spanish Working with our Bilingual Advising Team

time is money

Credit Fast Track

La Construcción de credito para negocios puede tomar entre 10 años o 10 meses. Obtenga el poder de nuestro plan de acción.

the team

Credit Advisory

Usted tendrá un consejero de negocios, financiamiento y crédito, como otras companias grandes. Fortuna 500 poder.

the platform

Credit Office

Usted puede acceder nuestro sistema en cualquier lugar. Diagrama de flujo, vendedores de credito, requisitos largos y mas.

Optimize | Maximize

Get business credit, loans, and credit lines with our Core enrollment option, and become a licensed, white-label partner with our VIP and Ultimate programs.

The Full Power!
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411 Credibility Listing
EIN and Entity Setup
Business Info Optimization
Credit Report and Score Training
D&B, Experian, and Equifax Setup
Experian Smart Business Access
Exclusive Access to Starter Vendors
HIGH-Limit Store Credit Cards
HIGH-Limit Fleet Credit Cards
HIGH-Limit Cash Credit Cards
Unsecured, No-Doc, 0% Financing
12-Months of Advisor Support
Auto Vehicle Financing
Business Loans within 72 Hours
5-Years of Finance Officer Support
English and Spanish Access
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Underwriting Guidelines
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Vehicle Financing Info
Direct Funding Program
8-Months Advisory Support
H-L Cash, Store Fleet Credit Cards
Spanish Marketing Resources
Reseller Partner Program
24/7 Reseller Partner Support
English and Spanish
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| Escrow.com asegura nuestras transacciones

$3 billion transacciones protegidas

Escrow.com is the world’s most secure payment method from a counterparty risk perspective - safeguarding both buyer and seller, all funds transacted using escrow are kept in trust.

| Get free access to your business and personal credit scores and reports all in one place today | Nav

Check your reports or track the credit reports of up to 5 other businesses to make sure you’re working with credible companies (and yes, it’s absolutely free).
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1. Common Questions

Q: What is Credit Approval Optimization?

Thanks for finally asking, this question tops our list as a fav! We began 10 years ago providing traditional credit repair and it just didn't cut it. After partnering with the biggest lenders, we were shown exactly how they make their decisions. The deciding factors were based on the level of your credits ( Transparency, Risk Factor, Experience and Strength ). With this information we introduced a program specifically designed to optimize your credit to align with top lenders approval standards. Get your credit optimized today

Q: How long does it take?

The length of time to see results will vary depending on your unique situation and the accounts reporting on your report. Some have seen amazing results in as little as 3 weeks - 4 weeks, others in 60 to 120 days (or more for extreme cases such as bankruptcies, liens, judgements etc.). Note: Uncontrollable variables such as Postage handling and Document processing times account for 80% of service times.

Q: Is credit monitoring required to start approval program?

That is correct! In order for us to perform at the highest level of efficiency, we need to have access to an accurate view of your profile. There are many free monitoring services our there but we have partnered with IdentityIQ. They offer a very advanced platform at a great price. Get protected now!

Q: How do you calculate your service costs?

Great question, it takes a while before you truly feel comfortable with your service costs. The desire to provide and amazing service while making sure your business is sustainable is very important. Our service costs are carefully calculated with care 😊( Specialist Rate + Postal Fees + Overhead + Operational & Material expenses ). Get a free credit analysis today

Q: Is there a service agreement?

That answer is "Yes", because we take commitment very seriously. Before any money is exchanged, you and Score Credit Funding will have agreed to a simple one page term agreement. The agreement will provide you clarity ( in writing ) about 1. The service process 2. Your commitments 3. Our commitments 4. What to and what not to expect.

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2. Escrow

Q: What is escrow?

An escrow is a financial arrangement where a third party holds and regulates payment of the funds required for two parties involved in a given transaction. Want to learn more about it? Visit the pros we trust

Q: How will escrow work for our transaction?

Ok, let's dig a few feet deeper into our milestone transaction and how Escrow.com will help us handle our secure service process.

Here's how it will work
1. You the Buyer and us the Seller agree to terms -
Both parties agree to terms of the transaction, which includes a description of the milestone ( A specific stage of the process ), price for each milestone, the number of milestones, number of days for Your inspection.

2. You the Buyer will pay Escrow.com -
You will submit an available payment option. Escrow.com verifies the payment and notifies us to continue to next stage in the process.

3. Us the Seller will deliver a milestone -
Upon payment verification, we are authorized to deliver the any or all milestones. Your inspection period is started for each milestone when the we mark the milestone as received/completed and Escrow.com confirms completion of that milestone.

4. You the Buyer accepts the milestone -
You will have a set number of days for the inspection and acceptance of each milestone.

5. Escrow.com pays Us the Seller -
After each milestone, Escrow.com pays us the Seller by the method selected. The transaction is complete when all milestones have been accepted.

Q: Is there a money-back guarantee?


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3. Results

Q: Do you guarantee results?

While we would love to say things other companies say like "Guaranteed Deletes" and " Guaranteed 200 credit score point increase", we just can't. Example: A lawyer can't guarantee a judge's ruling or the outcome of a jury. A surgeon can't guarantee the outcome of a surgery procedure. However, we can offer measurable results that you can see. We will complete each and every carefully calculated step inside of our service programs. Escrow.com assures you that if we don't complete the terms of our agreement, they never give us the money and you get a full risk free refund.

Q: What kind of result can i expect?

You can expect "Measurable Results", a much healthier term than "Guaranteed Results". 1. The result of having organized transparent, consistent personal information makes you less of a risk for lenders. They know who they're lending to, where you live and how to contact you. 2. There are many cases that cause for consumers to take legal action, addressing your credit issues will result in you having a clearer angle of defence if further action is necessary. 3. Our specialists only use handwritten letters when communicating on your behalf, resulting in a documented personal correspondence far more effective than public pre-written templates. 4. The challenging of inconsistent information non-compliant with the law on your report can result in its removal. The result of removing high risk activity can drastically increase your credit score and your approval odds. 5. More expected results can come from addressing Specialty Reporting Agencies that compile alternative information about you, coaching results and much more. Get Started Today!

Q: How long does it take to see results?

Result times can vary depending on each particular stage. Uncontrollable variables that affect result times are, bureau and postal processing and response times, our preparation and processing , even your response time. We took these variables into account when we carefully created our programs, in order to provide you with a high quality service at a fair price. Get Started Today!

Q: How much traffic can the hosting handle?

Hosting scales automatically to handle millions of concurrent visits. All hosting add-ons serve sites through our Amazon's Cloudfront CDN and accelerated using Fastly, loading sites in milliseconds.

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4. Credit+ Optimization Program

Q: How did you come up with Credit Approval Optimization?

Wow, another amazing question we love to answer! The short answer is through Trial and Error, the longer answer is a little more exciting. We started off offering traditional credit repair but the results just didn't cut it. Our clients wanted the inside scoop on more than what they already knew, "Negative items will get you denied". They needed to know what all elements come into play when a lender makes a decision. That led us to the right lending partners that eventually gave us the insider information we needed to service you. Lenders need approvals to make money, they just don't seem as if they want everyone to know how to get approved, but we do. Get your Credit Optimized Today!

Q: How do you calculate your service costs?

Great question, it takes a while before you truly feel comfortable with your service costs. The desire to provide and amazing service while making sure your business is sustainable is very important. Our service costs are calculated with care 😊( Specialist Rate + Postal Fees + Overhead + Operational & Material expenses ). Get a free credit analysis today

Q: Blah blahblah ---------?

Yes, you can cancel your account at any time. If you do, you'll be downgraded to the free Starter plan, where you can manage two unhosted projects. You won't be locked out of any sites that have hosting set up, even if you're on the free Starter plan.

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| Score is a one-stop shop for Credit Funding!

We have solutions for your personal and business credit needs. If your ready for funding today, get approved and get funde. If you need your assistance with your credit health

“I received a free credit analysis and pre-qualification for funding all in the same day. You can tell when somethings the real deal.”
Evalia Ramos
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